Prediction Game Rules

At the beginning of each week I will publish 10 of the most exciting matches scheduled for the weekend. Each participant, including myself, gives his predictions for correct score just before the first scheduled match. The chosen predictions are published HERE. The winner is the player who won most points for the month.


Participant who gave correct forecast receives 5 points, and if he gave correct 1 X or 2 forecast he receives 2 points, and for a correct goal difference he receives a bonus of 1 point. For example your prediction is for 4:0, but the game ended 2:1, you win 2 points(toto score) for correct home winner, if the match finishes at 4:0, you win 5 points(full score) for correct score, and if the match finishes at 5:1 you win a total of 3 points, 2 for correct 1 X or 2 forecast plus 1 bonus point for correct goal difference(toto score with goal difference bonus). The bonus question is connected with Betfair registration through the site during the month. You receive 10 points if you register at Betfair. Your answer to the bonus question is given until the last Sunday of the current month, unless the first day of the next month is Sunday, then the answer is given till the first of the next month. Scoring of the bonus question and final ranking are published on the following Monday after the last Saturday of the month. Each player has one golden ball for every week. If you place this ball next to a match the score for that match is doubled. You may place the golden ball next to every match and you can change your mind and move the golden ball, as long as this match is still changeable. The golden ball is activated after the prediction for the match is locked. Once activated the golden ball cannot be moved anymore.

Same ranking

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points, then the following sorting rules are applied on the ranking (most important one at the top):

  1. points from the bonus question;
  2. amount of full scores;
  3. more points using the golden ball.


The winner receives 50 euro bonus to his account in Betfair, the second receives 30 euro, and the third 20 euro.

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